What Benefits Does Biodanza have offer me ?


"Come to Biodanza to dance yourself home into your body!"

Profound, gentle, fun personal transformation

Stress Relief

Zest for life

Inspiration and creativity

Playfulness and joy 

Deep, nurturing, tender connection 

A place to feel fully seen and held

A welcoming supportive community

The best version of yourself!

Healthy ways to experience emotions and feelings
The ability to create personal boundaries
An opportunity to builds self esteem and confidence in life
Healthy friendships 

A way to nourishes trust in myself and others
an easy way to learn to express, read and respect body language
A non-judgmental safe space
an integration of mind, body and spirt 
a healthy supportive community

The most fun you have ever experienced while transforming your life. 

There are no steps to learn and no right or wrong way to do it ! 

All levels and all abilities welcome!