In November we begin a progressive 4-week series

in the second line of Biodanza - Sexuality

Our Eros - Our access and right to experience pleasure  

This month is a time for "de-repression", a release of the taboos

around the body that have been an impediment

to allowing each of us to fully feel pleasure, 

a time to embrace our bodies as whole, sacred and sensual.

And an opportunity for you to awaken, express, fulfill

and own our right to pleasure.

This will be a progressive and safe space

and as such it is recommended,but not necessary

to attend the entire series.  

email facilitator with questions

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Fee and Pre-Registration 

$18-$25 per class or / $60-$100 per month 


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~Laugh ~ Play ~ Dance ~ Relax ~ Feel Good ~

~Transform how your Life ~

No experience necessary.


Tuesday Nights - 7:30 - 9:30PM 

BIODANZA uses Inspirational music from around the world to awaken dance, movement, laughter and playfulness that will fill you with love, and connection, relax your nervous system, bring harmony to your body, revitalize your spirit, and free you to be and express yourself authentically.