Rave Reviews from Clients 

" I feel fabulous you took me to a different dimension " - A.C. - Therapist


"Julie has magical hands.  Just being in her presence is healing. " - L.B. - Home Care Worker

“I was struggling with rapid heartbeats, shortness of breath and other symptoms of anxiety... until Julie took me onto her table.  She treated me with grounded confidence, delicious scents and massage.  Before I knew it my whole being began to relax and relish in the experience. In addition, I began to have a lucid dream, the imagery akin to spiritual journeying, which brought me to a better understanding of my anxiety. When she finished I was relaxed, had markedly less symptoms and surprisingly had energy to go out dancing. Needless to say, I highly recommend Julie’s aroma touch. It is priceless.” - M.K. - High School Teacher 

"When I receive aroma touch from Julie I feel even more relaxed than when I get a massage"  - H.R. - Dancer

" The power of the oils combined with her wise touch and open heart left me feeling overhauled for days after. My body went through a big reset. Not to mention I felt relaxed like after a massage and slept deeply for nights after. " E.D. - Massage Therapist