Though expressive movement, dance and music discover the possibilities that open as you embody the answers to these questions.

Who am I when, freed from the constraints of a tyrannical ideal, I accept myself as I am?

Who am I when I no longer force myself, at all costs, to please (or displease) , in order to be acknowledged?

Who am I when I impregnate the space of my existence with my loving presence?

Who am I when I finally see something else, around me, other than the mirror of my failures?

Who am I when I acknowledge myself as being the subject of my own life?

Who am I when instead of dissecting my life, I dance it?

WHAT TO EXPECT ~ Please plan on attending the full offering. Each session builds upon the next and supports your progress and that of others. 5 heartfelt, eye opening Biodanza

Vivencias / Experiences to inspire in you and amplify your ability to dare to make the changes you desire in your life, surprising new theory about identity and self esteem and a verbal sharing vivencia.


FRIDAY ARRIVAL ~ As early as noon - Vivencia begins between 5-6 pm.

SUNDAY ENDING ~ 4pm- 5pm.


LOCATION & ACCOMMODATIONS ~ Salamander Camp, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, is surrounded by acres of undeveloped forested slopes. This eco-aware retreat has many sacred spaces including a labyrinth. Between Dance Vivencias share meals together, enjoy hiking trails, hot tubbing and a pool, play and talk together, nap, sing, tell stories by the fire pit, create art or make music. Rustic Accommodations in a community sleeping yurt, art barn, or camping. Mattresses and futons provided. Bring your bedding and if you plan to camp a tent.


MEALS ~ Build community through cooking and eating together. Meals begin Saturday at breakfast and end Sunday at lunch. Participants will have a few shifts cooking and cleaning, and will bring groceries for a several dishes. All meal preparation and cleaning will be coordinated beforehand. Please communicate any dietary needs in advance.


WORKSHOP & ACCOMMODATIONS FEE ~ Includes: 5 Vivencias, 2 nights stay and community prepared and shared meals. 

$325: Prior to March 31st / $100 non-refundable deposit will reserve your space and price

$375: Beginning April 1st / Payment plan available


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2-6 months or more weekly Biodanza experience is recommended to receive the greatest benefit from the workshop. If you don’t have this experience please contact Julie.  Together you can determine if the workshop is the right fit for you regardless of prior experience. She can also help you find a weekly class nearby.  


JULIE NEUSTADTER is an IBF Certified Biodanza Facilitator trained in the US, Canada, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

For More Information on Biodanza in General click on the following link What is Biodanza?

Please Contact Julie for More Information   415-717-3578 /