San Francisco Friday Night Practice on Zoom 




Laugh ~ Breathe ~ Move ~ Release Anxiety ~ Feel Good & at Ease, Surrounded by Friends Faces and Voice 

As usual, we will begin with open sharing as a group, and then move into music and movement. We will leave you in a good space to roll right into bed, feeling full of love, peaceful and calm.

Our in-person classes are $25. We know some of you may also be in financial strain right now, so please pay as much as you are able.

Pre-send payment through Paypal (Please do not click the box, to save us the processing fee)

Please Set Up in Advance (so we don’t need to do technology during class):

Download Zoom - for free - on your computer or mobile device,
Please make sure you have enough space to move around and that your screen is set up so you can see yourself at least from the waist up. What you see is what we see.
Make sure your lighting is behind the computer or phone screen (rather than behind you) so we can all better see and connect with you.
It's a good idea to join the class 10-minutes early (around 7:50pm) to exchange greetings and verify that the software is working for you.
Please keep your camera enabled to create the connections we are seeking.
If you like your music loud, we suggest using powered speakers that amplify the sound on your end.

Zoom ID sent with registration.  If you have forgotten it please call or text to receive it. 


When we return to the studio ..

Each class builds on the next so the sooner you start the series the more you will get out of it and you are welcome at any time.  

Led by IBF Certified Biodanza Facilitators:

Julie Neustadter ~


Clara Rubin-Smith McKie ~


Clara Rubin-Smith McKie is a lifelong dancer and a movement teacher on a mission to make dance accessible for everyone. She first experienced Biodanza in Chile in 2000, and completed her three-year teacher training in 2007, with further specializations in Biodanza for Children and Teenagers, Biocentric Systems for Organizations, and Progressive Class Integration. Her monograph, "The Roots of Well-Being: Biodanza in Pregnancy, Babyhood and Beyond" focused on creating conditions supportive of growth and well-being with both families and people of any age. Clara’s work is informed by a background in community development and a focus on communication that includes an interdisciplinary degree in Anthropology, Modern Languages and Dance, experience as an interpreter/translator, and training as a mediator. As a certified Biodanza Facilitator, Clara leads groups in English and Spanish, and has taught a wide range of ages from many walks of life. Her children and students continue to be two of her greatest teachers.

Julie Neustadter's charismatic and loving nature makes everyone she encounters feel at home and welcome. She facilitates with warmth, humor and depth. Her ease in showing vulnerability and her inspirational passion for life create a safe haven for her students to open their hearts, connect with their playful nature, express their emotions, and support profound positive changes in their lives. As a certified Biodanza Facilitator, Julie completed her 3 years of training in 2012 and later her thesis "The Path from Depression to Joy". During the past 7 years as a facilitator she has deepened her training in Canada, France, Portugal, Italy and Spain, gaining specializations in Biodanza “Voice and Percussion,” “Biocentric Systems for Organizations," “Progressive Class Integration,” “Identity and Instinct and the Animal Archetypes," "Gender and Identity," and "Identity and Self Esteem." Julie has a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz and has studied movement with Anna Halprin. In addition to her weekly classes, Julie has facilitated at Northern California Dance Camp, Whistlestop Healthy Aging Center, and at Dance4Healing, a study on the healing effects of dance with cancer patients. She is currently collaborating with trauma therapists to bring Biodanza to women recovering from trauma.