Julie's class on setting limits and boundaries was not only empowering but fun, tender and intimate.  It was the perfect way to liberate emotion in motion and integrate the body mind and spirt with the work we did over the entire weekend at my therapy retreat for co-dependent women." 

Alison Costa -  Psychotherapist, LMFT - San Francisco and  San Anselmo

"What a gift Julie's Biodanza class is.  I can't find words to describe the wonderful feelings of joy, happiness, love and gratitude that are all mixed together.  Julie brings a group of ordinary people together as one, our souls shine bright, we bring forward the best we can offer to make this world a better place."
M.M. - Personal Chef - Novato

After one Biodanza class I felt the same way I do after a personal growth weekend workshop .  - S.B.  - San Rafael 

This practice has my heart and my body beaming with joy, love, gratitude and passion. Do yourself a favor... join us! You’ll be amazed...💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️ love you Julie! - M.M - Personal Chef - Novato

"I arrived at my first class feeling quite low by the end it was a miracle how good I felt.  This incredible feeling of aliveness stayed with me through the entire next day." - S.B.  - San Rafael

“Julie's class is incredible everyone emerges from the session with new eyes. The gaze is softer. It is like there is a light shining out of each person. The world seems to be brighter, colors are stronger….”

 "Julie is a stellar fun facilitator ! Several hours after class my cheeks are just starting to come back to regular happy smiling, less of the permanent feeling of ear-to-ear JOY smiling - which was emulated in all of my cells! Clearly this is a true sign of being 'Biodanzaed to Life' " C.G. - Transformational Healer - San Rafael 

Julie is a natural at facilitating Biodanza.  Her charismatic and loving nature makes everyone feel welcome.  She facilitates with warmth, humor and purpose. - H.M -Piano Teacher - Sonoma 

Julie's class today was beautiful.  I really enjoyed myself.  It guided me to an allowing in myself to feel loved and to give it. Something released and opened for me.  Thank you.  - L.M.  Holistic Healer - Greenbrae


 Julie's Demonstrations are fully-embodied, passionate and so inspiring. -  C.D. Yountville 

 I love Julie ' s class. She is engaging, loving, creative, and wonderful. - N.N. - Napa

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