Find the Answers to Your Questions 

What should I bring?


A bottle of water

An open mind


What Should I Wear?
Loose, comfortable, layerd clothes.

What will Class be Like?

Your facilitator will guide you through an amazing journey of music and movement, holding a safe container for you to express a wide range of authentic emotions.  


Class is 2 hours long starting with a 30 min (+-) verbal circle leading in to 90 min of non-verbal expressive movement. 


Your first Biodanza class is like nothing you have ever experienced before.  It is impossible to put into words, you just have to come and experience it for yourself.


What Type of Music do you Play?


Biodanza utilizes a wide range of inspirational music from around the world that spans a variety of genres.  You will experience a mix of upbeat rhythmic and gentile melodic music.

Who Can Do Biodanza?


Anyone interested in transformation, a desire for more joy and aliveness, more intimacy with yourself and others.


All levels of physical ability welcome. No dance experience needed.

Why is Biodanza Unlike Other Dance Modalities? 


Biodanza isn’t a dance class.  It is a somatic system of human transformation that uses movement, inspirational music, personal, paired and group connections to nurture physical and emotional health and authentic self-expression.  

What does it cost? 

Progressive Themed Series Every Month

$80 - $100 a Month

Same Price Scale for a Longer Series. 

$25 drop in 

No one turned away

Best to come the first week of the month to get the most out of the series

And you are welcome to join us anytime. 

During Covid Pre Registration is required for the zoom link

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is not a dance class.  It is a weekly spiritual practice.  Students who regularly attend a weekly Biodanza Class report experiences of increased joy and an overall feeling of vitality in daily life, as well as an expanded sense community.  Students also feel more ease in their body, in their movement, an elevated self-esteem, a greater facility in expressing feelings and enriched relationships. They feel increased ability to break free from personal limitations, and an inspiration to activate personal potential, expand their consciousness and desire to take actions that bring them pleasure and fulfillment.  Biodanza is experiential so you can read a lot about but the only way to understand it is experience it.  Come with an open mind and a desire to connect