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A private Biodanza Party is a party like no other - Treat yourself, your friends, and or family to a party that everyone invited will be talking about for years to come. 


Experience being fully in the moment with each other as you re-discover the joy of play, the freedom of full self-expression and the heart expanding sensation of feeling deeply connected to yourself and the people you love.   


There are no steps to learn and no right or wrong way to do Biodanza, so it perfect for the non- dancer as well as the professional.  Just show up with an open heart and let the beautiful music from around the world inspire you to be you.  


Biodanza liberates your emotion in motion on the dance floor activating psychological, physiological and biological elements that bring the body, mind and spirit back to its natural state of balance igniting relaxation, confidence and joy.

* Biodanza Parties are intended for adults over 18.  You choose and provide the location.

Rave Reviews 

“Julie facilitated Biodanza for my birthday gathering of women. Through the perfectly sequenced experiences, she created a road map for all of us to move safely into a blissful space of intimacy and connection. It was a truly memorable evening and I would do it again in a heartbeat!”


-Susan Shloss, Certified Money Coach, San Rafael CA

"What I loved most is that I was supported in staying present with myself, my body, my intuition, while being invited to connect with others through eye contact, heart, hands, movement. I felt safe because I knew I could go at my own pace and was reminded to take care of myself first and foremost. This is something I practice in my life on the daily but to have the opportunity to do it in a group with a guide was priceless. I had so much fun and felt free because of the clarity I established with myself.


Julie is a beautiful example of this presence to self and teaches from that presence. She is a powerful, grounded guide and master at creating a safe space for powerful healing to occur.

Thank you Julie!"


- Danielle Hougard - Love and Intimacy Mentor - San Rafael CA  

“Julie created a lovely Biodanza party for our group.  In the safe space Julie set up, we were inspired to express ourselves and the music brought out playfulness and joy.  Julie facilitated sweet, deep connections among women who had never met before. I felt fully alive, happy in my heart and body, and connected to everyone there. I recommend Biodanza with Julie if you’d like to dive into a deeper dance with yourself and others, open your heart, move your body, experience blissful connections and have a lot of fun! “   


Wendy Lyon - psychologist, master certified relationship and life coach and author- Novato CA