Julie Neustadter

Julie first experienced Biodanza in 2008. The experience lit her up so much she didn’t miss a single class for a year!

Julie Neustadter is a natural at facilitating Biodanza.  Her charismatic and loving nature makes everyone feel at home and welcome.  She facilitates with warmth, humor and depth.  Her ease in showing vulnerability and her inspirational passion for life create a safe haven for her students to open their hearts, connect with their playful nature, express their emotions, and support profound positive changes in their lives.


As a Certified Biodanza facilitator Julie completed her 3 years of training in 2012 along with her thesis "The Path from Depression to Joy: Finding my Way Home to Myself Through Touch and Music in Biodanza".  She has been facilitating for 8 years during which time she furthered her education in Canada, France, Portugal, Italy and Spain, gaining specialties in “Biodanza with Voice and Percussion”, "Identity, Instinct and the Four Animals" , "Gender and Identity" ,"the Art of Progressive Class Integration in Biodanza" and "Self Esteem" .   Julie has a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz and spent several years studying movement with Anna Halprin. In addition to her weekly classes, Julie has facilitated at Northern California Dance Camp and for Dance4Healing, a study on the healing effects of dance with cancer patients.

Julie is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, A Household Toxins Expert, an Aroma Touch Practitioner, and Aroma Therapist.   She has a deep passion for jazz singing and belly dance.