The 2nd Weekend of Each Month





Arrive 11am / Dance 11:30 / Picnic 1:30pm



Town Park - Corte Madera 

498 Tamalpais Dr, Corte Madera, CA 94925

Parking lot and parking on nearby side streets

Pre-Registration Required

$15-$25 based on your level of abundance

No One Turned Away

Friends and Family Please (Saves me the Fee)

You will receive an email of confirmation when payment is received


A mask

a blanket or towel to sit on

Shoes - barefoot is fine, beware of bees there is clover in the grass

Hand sanitizer

Your lunch

Layers it may get windy

Sunscreen and a hat we may be in the sun



Please arrive early to park, say hello and settle in.  We will begin a group discussion at 11:30am with a group discussion in a circle prior to dancing. This will be a discussion to share our needs and get group agreement on the signals used that will clearly show a yes, or a no to invitations to hold hands or give hugs in paired and small group dances.  Feedback is even more essential right now in order to make sure everyone feels safe, respected and connected.  Circles will be 6 feet apart no hand holding unless the group unanimously and whole heartedly agrees they fell safe holding hands. And we will also get group agreement on masks

Thank you for agreeing to take care of and honor each others needs.  

*I may update this depending on the CDC regulations at that week, my own comfort level and the groups needs. 

Please Text me with any questions