What is Biodanza ?


A general Description 


Biodanza is a form of expression that promotes health, wellbeing, joy and relaxation through specific dance and group movement exercises that are induced by the rhythm and melody of inspiring music. It develops various levels of connection and bonding with oneself, with one another, and with the universe.

What are the therapeutic benefits?


From a physiological point of view:

Biodanza works as an anti-stress therapy, helping to regulate sleep and blood pressure.  It gives participants a feeling of expanded vital energy, and helps with the ability to self-regulate, strengthening the individual's immune system.

From a psychological point of view:

Biodanza works as an antidepressant.  The stimulation from the music, movement and relationship with the group provokes a positive reaction, that is reinforced by the physiological effect of the class; during the first part of class, rhythm and joy,  stimulate adrenaline and noradrenaline and, in the second part of class as we let go and return to our divine essence, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are stimulated regulating mood and generating well-being.


From an existential point of view:

Biodanza acts as the reinforcement of one’s self-esteem, resulting from the general stimulation of joy and pleasure of being alive.  It improves relationships with others, and reinforces a confidence in personal self-expression. 

(The above words are credited to Nuno Pinto the Director of the Porto, Portugal School of Biodanza) 

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"Biodanza has helped me to get in touch with my feelings, to open up my heart, to express my emotions, to be vulnerable, and to feel the love and light within." - N. N  - Napa

As Described by Participants in Their Own Words


"Biodanza reminds me what love is and how to love. " - A.M - San Rafael 


“I go every week because I feel more me after a class.  I am more alive!  I handle life better.  I communicate better.  I feel better.  If I miss class I feel really feel the it!”  - A.B.

"The first thing that struck me about Biodanza was the ability to connect with people in such an intimate safe way, in a way that I wasn’t really getting in my everyday life unless I was in an intimate relationship.  So to be able to be single and to have a weekly time where I get to actually receive that much connection and affection was super important and significant for my life. 


The classes are always transformative.  Sometimes I arrive to Biodanza in a negative space and I always feel better after being in class. 


I find the aspect of silently gazing into other people's eyes particularly nourishing. It can be vulnerable but it is also nourishing like heathy food.  It feels necessary as a human being." - R. B.

The Official Definition of Biodanza

“Biodanza is a system of affective integration, organic renovation, and relearning of original life functions, based on experiences induced by dance, singing and encounter situations in groups.”  In 2009, a year prior to his death, Rolando added this to his concept of the definition “Biodanza is a system of acceleration of integrative processes at cellular, metabolic, neurological, endocrine, immunological and existential levels induced by enriched environments that results in the transformation of human beings at all levels.”

Biodanza as Described by Rolando Toro in an Interview

Q: How would you describe Biodanza? Is it a physical therapy? A system of growth? A creative exercise? A spiritual practice?
A: Biodanza is more than all of these! It addresses the totality of the human being. It doesn’t separate people into fragments. Biodanza has many therapeutic effects, but these are not the goal. Biodanza is basically a reeducation in love. The exercises bring us into real intimacy with other people.

Most of us do not connect deeply with others. We just look at the superficiality of the other person – their nose, the shape of their mouth. But the act of looking deeply into another’s eyes is ecstasy! It amplifies our entire perception of who we are. The Biodanza exercises wake up our ‘vivencia’, or aliveness, and this allows us to really feel the intensity of each moment.

Sarah Dalles, “Dances With Passion – Interview with Rolando Toro”, Kindred Spirit, Vol 3 No 8, 1996:

Video on "The Art of Living" - by Rolando Toro