Aroma Touch Technique

As a gifted Aroma Touch practitioner Julie's warm healing hands, her strong connection with nature and plants and her powerful intuition guide her to support her client's individual emotional and physical needs with grace, guiding them to easily let go of emotions that have been holding them back and opening them to that which truly nurtures and enlivens them.  


The AromaTouch Technique was developed by a leading expert in integrative medicine, Dr. David Hill.  It is a therapeutic application of essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back, spine, ears and feet.  The AromaTouch Technique includes four primary steps designed to Promote Relaxation, Boost the Immune

System, Reduce tension & Bring the body into Emotional & Physical balance.  Each step includes the application of two essential oils or essential oil blends specifically formulated to support healthy emotional and physiological functions for well-being. Julie uses doTERRA (CPTG) Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils for their quality and purity producing an unparalleled grounding experience.